Property Acknowledgment Receipt (MITHI 3 Laptop Computer from PS-DBM) – HP Probook 450 G5

To all end-users who acquired laptop computer(s) from the Procurement Service of the Department of Budget and Management (PS-DBM):

The Property Acknowledgment Receipt (PAR) must be prepared (with correct Serial Numbers; with correct Delivery Receipt Number and correct date), processed (signed by the Issuer and the Receiver with correct date of signing; signed by the Unit Head in the Concurrence field) and later on be submitted (submit 4 copies with the attached Delivery Receipt from PS-DBM) to the Property Management Section (PMS) of the Supply and Property Management Office (SPMO).

You may download the PAR (in Long Paper Size).

Thank you.

Temporary URL for UIS Access

“To UIS Users:

Please be advised that the UIS is now accessible. However, additional maintenance activities concerning the system URL are still ongoing.

For the time being, kindly access the UIS via this URL:

While this URL is active, users may encounter issues related to the Java applet. To resolve this, follow the Java Configuration Instructions found herewith (please see attachment).

For any issues encountered while using the UIS, please send an email to

Thank you.” – UP System IT


To all concerned end-user units/offices:

Kindly download the following: 1) OVCA Memo No. 46 Series of 2018 – Suvey Form for End-Users, 2) SPMO Questionnaire, and 3) Annex B. List of UPLB Responsibility Centers. Please accomplish and submit the signed survey form to SPMO or email a scanned copy to on or before 23 October 2018.

For further queries pretaining to the survey, you may contact Ms. Gercy Love M. Juanillas at SPMO landline telephone number (049) 536-2282.

Thank you.

LAPTOPS-FOR-MITHI-3.0 Image and Specifications

Image and specifications of the laptop computer (HP Probook 450 G5) for Project MITHI 3.0 of the Procurement Service of the Department of Budget and Management (PS-DBM). This is a per order basis at PS-DBM, and the laptop computers will be available starting 17 October 2018 as indicated in the PS-DBM website, If interested, please see the earlier post dated 24 September 2018.

Please download the file, LAPTOPS-FOR-MITHI-3.0 Image and Specifications.

Thank you.