Batch 4 (scheduled pick-up or drop-off – 10 June 2020, Wednesday)

Kindly download your RIS Form (in MS Excel format) here:

  1. Department of Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship (DAME), CEM: 
  2. Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics (DAAE), CEM: 
  3. Department of Economics (DE), CEM: 
  4. Institute of Cooperatives and Bio-Enterprise Development (ICOPED), CEM: 
  5. Office of the College Secretary (OCS), CEM: 
  6. Ancillary/Support Services (AS), CFNR: 
  7. College of Forestry and Natural Resources Library (CFNR Library): 
  8. Department of Forest Biological Sciences (FBS), CFNR: 
  9. Department of Forest Products and Paper Science (FPPS), CFNR: 
  10. Forestry Development Center (FDC), CFNR: 
  11. Institute of Agroforestry (IAF), CFNR: 
  12. Institute of Renewable Natural Resources (IRNR), CFNR: 
  13. Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems (MCME), CFNR: 
  14. Office of the College Secretary (OCS), CFNR: 
  15. Office of the Coordinator for Research, Extension and Linkages (OCREL), CFNR: 
  16. Training Center for Tropical Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability (TREES), CFNR: 
  17. Center for Strategic Planning and Policy Studies (CSPPS), CPAf: 
  18. Community Innovations Studies Center (CISC), CPAf: 
  19. Institute for Governance and Rural Development (IGRD), CPAf: 
  20. Knowledge Management Office (KMO), CPAf: