Batch 5 (scheduled pick-up or drop-off – 11 June 2020, Thursday)

Kindly download your RIS Form (in MS Excel format) here:

  1. Department of Community and Environmental Resource Planning (DCERP), CHE: 
  2. Department of Human and Family Development Studies (DHFDS), CHE: 
  3. Department of Social Development Services, (DSDS), CHE: 
  4. Institute of Human Nutrition and Food (IHNF), CHE: 
  5. Office of the College Secretary (OCS), CHE: 
  6. Barangay Integrated Development Approach for Nutrition Improvement (BIDANI), CHE: 
  7. Administrative Services (AS), CVM: 
  8. College of Veterinary Medicine Library (CVM Library): 
  9. Department of Basic Veterinary Sciences (DBVS), CVM: 
  10. Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (DVCS), CVM: 
  11. Department of Veterinary Paraclinical Sciences (DVPS), CVM: 
  12. Office of the College Secretary (OCS), CVM: 
  13. Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) CVM: 
  14. UP Professional School for Agriculture and the Environment (UP PSAE): 
  15. Interactive Learning Center (ILC): 
  16. Learning Resource Center (LRC): 
  17. University Publications Office (UPO): 
  18. Resource Generation and Development Office (RGDO): 
  19. Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat (BAC Sec):