Creation of 2020 PPMP Non-Common Use Items / Non-Catalog Requests in the UIS

To all PPMP creators/originators:

Below are the 2020 PPMPs for Non-Common Use Items / Non-Catalog Requests (presented from 15-16 July 2019, and from 18-19 July 2019), in MS Excel file, with appropriate action of the Bids and Awards Committee.



  1. Make sure to take a look and separate items under the “Separate PPMP” worksheet.
  2. On the iProcurement Homepage, choose Non-Catalog Request tab to encode your:
    • * Item Description
    • * Quantity
    • * Unit of Measure
    • * Unit Price
    • * Currency
  3. Be sure to check RFQ Required and Negotiated before you click Add to Cart.
  4. Choose the PhilGEPS Category that is written in the PPMP in MS Excel file for the item being encoded.
  5. Then, choose the Mode of Procurement that was approved by the BAC (written in the PPMP in MS Excel file) for the same item being encoded. Select the dash () for the item(s) without an approved mode of procurement.
  6. Follow the next steps to create your Requisition(s).