Withdrawal of COVID-19 Response Items at the UPLB Central Storeroom, SPMO

To all concerned offices/units:

In response to OC Memo No. 093 s. 2020 (Guidelines for the Withdrawal of COVID-19 Response Items at the UPLB Central,  SPMO), the following units/offices were included in the 1st Batch of Units/Offices with Requisition and Issue Slip Form (RIS Form) for the withdrawal of COVID-19 Response Items:

  1. Accounting Office
  2. Business Affairs Office (BAO)
  3. Budget Management Office (BMO)
  4. Cashier’s Office
  5. Human Resources Development Office (HRDO)
  6. Information Technology Center (ITC)
  7. Supply and Property Management Office (SPMO)
  8. University Library
  9. Records Management Office (RMO)
  10. Internal Control Office (ICO)
  11. University Planning and Maintenance Office (UPMO)
  12. National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH)
  13. Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB)
  14. UPLB Technology Transfer and Business Development Office (TTBDO)
  15. National Crop Protection Center (NCPC)
  16. Department of Military Science and Tactics (DMST)
  17. Resource Generation and Development Office (RGDO)
  18. Office of the University Registrar (OUR)
  19. Ugnayan ng Pahinungod
  20. Land Grant Management Office (LGMO)

Access to RIS Forms:

From the SPMO website menu click/select COVID-19 Response Items. Then under the List of Offices/Units with RIS Form for COVID-19 Response Items, click/select the link for Batch 1 (scheduled pick-up or drop-off: 05 June 2020, Friday). Finally, click/select the link for your office/unit to download your RIS Form (in MS Excel format).

After this, you may print the RIS Form and have it signed by your respective unit heads, or just affix his/her eSIgnature on the downloaded RIS Form (Please note that Electronic Signature or eSignature is only acceptable in case the authorized signatory is not available physically to sign. Also, the use of the authorized signatory’s eSignature should have his/her prior approval).

Once accomplished, have the RIS Form scanned (save to pdf), and then send the pdf file to lcgonzales3@up.edu.ph.

Issuance of COVID-19 Response Items is scheduled to start on 05 June 2020 (Friday). Eventually, succeeding batches will be posted on this website.

Please note that KN95 and Coverall items are allotted only to UHS and to the COVID-19 Laboratory Center. All items for COVID-19 Response are allocated to maximize available resources. For items not included in the list of provisioning, kindly seek approval from the Office of the Chancellor.

Thank you.


Some items in the RIS Form would need an Inventory Custodian Slip Form (ICS Form) to be submitted to SPMO during the actual withdrawal of the COVID-19 Response items. An eSignature may be affixed on the ICS Form provided that you follow the abovementioned conditions prior to its use. You may download the ICS form here: https://www.spmo.uplb.edu.ph/download/appendix-59-ics/