PS-DBM Common-Use Items


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(as of 10/01/2017)
Remaining Quantity
Remaining Quantity
Out of StockRemarks
113111203-AC-F01ACETATEroll737.2400Available on or before September 20, 2017
247131812-AF-A01AIR FRESHENER, aerosol, 280ml/150g mincan85.2818316739
312191601-AL-E01ALCOHOL, ethyl, 68%-70%, scented, 500ml (-5ml)bottle47.82488471322
426111702-BT-A02BATTERY, dry cell, AA, 2 pieces per blister packpack19.500For Delivery
526111702-BT-A01BATTERY, dry cell, AAA, 2 pieces per blister packpack18.4600For Inspection
626111702-BT-A03BATTERY, dry cell, D, 2 pieces per blister packpack88.42639220
744101602-PB-M01BINDING AND PUNCHING MACHINEunit10,400.0000For Delivery
847131604-BR-S01BROOM, SOFT (TAMBO), weight: 200g min tiger grass piece88.425672305
947131604-BR-T01BROOM, STICK (TINGTING)piece23.9200Available on September 15, 2017
1044101807-CA-C01CALCULATOR, COMPACT, electronic, 12 digits cap, 1 unit in individual boxunit135.22837556
1113111201-CF-P01CARBON FILM, A4 SIZE, 100 sheets per boxbox197.5800Opening of Bids on October 20, 2017
1213111201-CF-P02CARBON FILM, PE, black, size 216mm x 330mm, 100 sheets per boxbox202.84479646For Inspection
1314111525-CA-A01CARTOLINA, ASSORTED COLORS, 20 pieces per packpack64.480425
1456101504-CM-B01CHAIR, MONOBLOC, BEIGE, with backrest, w/o armrestpiece262.61421200
1556101504-CM-W01CHAIR, MONOBLOC, WHITE, with backrest, w/o armrestpiece262.6850134
1644121710-CH-W01CHALK, WHITE ENAMEL, 100 pieces per boxbox25.86840133
1747131829-TB-C01CLEANER, TOILET BOWL AND URINAL, , 900ml-1,000ml capbottle41.600
1847131805-CL-P01CLEANSER, SCOURING POWDER, 350g min./cancan21.270293Available on or before September 20, 2017
1960121413-CB-P01CLEARBOOK, A4 SIZEpiece36.721475301
2060121413-CB-P02CLEARBOOK, LEGALpiece38.9166183For Inspection
2144122105-BF-C01CLIP, BACKFOLD, 19MM, 12 pieces per boxbox7.5701416For Delivery
2244122105-BF-C02CLIP, BACKFOLD, 25MM, 12 pieces per boxbox13.400For Delivery
2344122105-BF-C03CLIP, BACKFOLD, 32MM, 12 pieces per boxbox19.124811729For Delivery
2444122105-BF-C04CLIP, BACKFOLD, 50MM, 12 pieces per boxbox39.5200Opening of Bids on November 03, 2017
2514111506-CF-L11CONTINUOUS FORM, 1 PLY, 280 x 241mm , 2,000 sheets per boxbox682.2400
2614111506-CF-L12CONTINUOUS FORM, 1 PLY, 280MM X 378MM, 2,000 sheets per boxbox1,029.6093434
2714111506-CF-L21CONTINUOUS FORM, 2 PLY, 280 x 241mm, 1,000 sets per boxbox765.44274624
2814111506-CF-L22CONTINUOUS FORM, 2 PLY, 280MM X 378MM, 1,000 sets per boxbox1,300.0071833
2914111506-CF-L31CONTINUOUS FORM, 3 PLY, 280 x 241mm, 500 sets per boxbox596.880
3014111506-CF-L32CONTINUOUS FORM, 3 PLY, 280MM X 378MM, 500 sets per boxbox1,034.8022229For order basis
3144121801-CT-R01CORRECTION TAPE, 1 piece in individual plasticpiece17.5600Available on or before September 29, 2017
3244121612-BL-H01CUTTER BLADE, 10 pieces per tubetube9.8350322378
3344121612-CU-H01CUTTER KNIFEpiece19.7600Under Bidding
3444111515-DF-B01DATA FILE BOX, made of chipboard, with closed endspiece69.7800
3544122011-DF-F01DATA FOLDER, made of chipboard, taglia lockpiece68.6400
3644103202-DS-M01DATING AND STAMPING MACHINEpiece478.3800Opening of Bids on October 20, 2017
3747131811-DE-B02DETERGENT BAR, 140 grams as packed (-2.5%)piece7.2817988854
3847131811-DE-P02DETERGENT POWDER, all purpose, 1kg per plastic pouchpouch37.4300For Bidding
3952161535-DV-R01DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER, memory: 4GB (expandable), 1 unit in individual boxunit6,565.5200Available on or before September 20, 2017
4047131803-DS-A01DISINFECTANT SPRAY, aerosol type, 400-550 gramscan120.3842001147
4145121517-DO-C01DOCUMENT CAMERAunit25,376.00331Under Bidding
4247131601-DU-P01DUST PAN, non-rigid plasticpiece27.0400Under Bidding
4343202003-DV-W01DVD REWRITABLEpiece21.7900For bidding
4440101604-EF-G01ELECTRIC FAN, INDUSTRIALunit1,049.363313For bidding
4540101604-EF-C01ELECTRIC FAN, ORBIT type, ceiling, metal bladeunit1,319.762087For delivery
4640101604-EF-S01ELECTRIC FAN, STAND TYPEunit967.113018For delivery
4740101604-EF-W01ELECTRIC FAN, WALL TYPEunit751.922270
4844121506-EN-D01ENVELOPE, DOCUMENTARY, for A4 size document, 500 pieces per boxbox408.1482765
4944121506-EN-D02ENVELOPE, DOCUMENTARY, for legal size document, 500 pieces per boxbox518.0867338For delivery
5044121506-EN-X01ENVELOPE, EXPANDING, KRAFTBOARD,for legal size doc, 100 pieces per boxbox642.1520848For inspection
5144121506-EN-X02ENVELOPE, EXPANDING, PLASTICpiece27.6177471024For delivery
5244121506-EN-M01ENVELOPE, MAILING, 500 pieces per boxbox328.6400For Bidding
5344121504-EN-W01ENVELOPE, MAILING, WITH WINDOW, 500 pieces per boxbox410.800For Bidding
5444111912-ER-B01ERASER, FELT, FOR BLACKBOARD OR WHITEBOARDpiece11.110591Available on or before September 29, 2017
5560121534-ER-P01ERASER, PLASTIC OR RUBBERpiece5.999413569
5643201827-HD-X02EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE, 1TB, 2.5"HDD, USB 3.0, 1 unit in individual boxunit3,031.601315303For inspection
5744101714-FX-M01FACSIMILE MACHINEunit3,502.7200Under Bidding
5844122118-FA-P01FASTENER, METAL, 70mm between prongs, 50 sets per boxbox57.09277310
5944111515-FO-X01FILE ORGANIZER, LEGALpiece70.6700For Bidding
6044122018-FT-D01FILE TAB DIVIDER, A4, 5 colors per setset12.4895111080
6144122018-FT-D02FILE TAB DIVIDER, LEGAL, 5 colors per setset16.642341234
6246191601-FE-M01FIRE EXTINGUISHER, DRY CHEMICALunit1,080.56230
6346191601-FE-H01FIRE EXTINGUISHER, PURE HCFCunit4,992.0000Waiting for Legal's Advice
6443202010-FD-U01FLASH DRIVE, 16 GB capacity,1 piece in individual blister packpiece251.6800Under Bidding
6547131802-FW-P02FLOOR WAX, PASTE, REDcan269.36558
6644122011-FO-F01FOLDER, FANCY, A4, 50 pieces per bundlebundle248.5600Under Bidding
6744122011-FO-F02FOLDER, FANCY, legal, 50 pieces per bundlebundle291.200Under Bidding
6844122011-FO-L01FOLDER, L-TYPE, A4 SIZE, 50 pieces per packpack171.0800Under Bidding
6944122011-FO-L02FOLDER, L-TYPE, LEGAL SIZE, 50 pieces per packpack213.7201Under Bidding
7044122027-FO-P01FOLDER, PRESSBOARD, size: 240mm x 370mm (-5mm), 100 pieces per boxbox746.7250450
7144122011-FO-T01FOLDER, with TAB, A4, 1 pack [100 pieces per pack]pack217.3600Under Bidding
7244122011-FO-T02FOLDER, TAGBOARD, for legal size documents ,100 pieces per packpack200.3700Under Bidding
7347131830-FC-A01FURNITURE CLEANER, aerosol, 300ml min./cancan87.368230954
7431201610-GL-J01GLUE, all purpose, gross weight: 200 grams minjars47.8200
7555101524-RA-H01HANDBOOK ON RA9184book46.2805Available on or before October 31, 2017
7644122008-IT-T01INDEX TAB, 5 sets per boxbox51.670357Under Bidding
7710191509-IN-A01INSECTICIDE, aerosol type, net content: 600ml min can137.28255531484
7839101628-LB-L01LIGHT BULB, Light Emitting Diode (LED), 6Wpiece72.495636646
7939101628-LT-L01LED LINEAR TUBE, 18 WATTS FRO SERIEStube280.82821560
8014111609-LL-C01LOOSELEAF COVER, 50 sets per bundlebundle650014
8144111515-MF-B02MAGAZINE FILE BOX, LARGEpiece41.600For Bidding
8244121716-MA-F01MARKER, FLUORESCENT, 3 colors per setset35.5500Available on or before Nov 03, 2017
8344121708-MP-B01MARKER, PERMANENT, bullet type, blackpiece9.6500
8444121708-MP-B02MARKER, PERMANENT, bullet type, bluepiece9.65478366526
8544121708-MP-B03MARKER, PERMANENT, bullet type, redpiece9.650964
8644121708-MW-B01MARKER, WHITEBOARD, blackpiece10.28189203758
8744121708-MW-B02MARKER, WHITEBOARD, bluepiece10.2817119306
8844121708-MW-B03MARKER, WHITEBOARD, redpiece10.281033627
8956101519-TM-S02MONOBLOC, TABLE, BEIGEunit1,326.00661
9056101519-TM-S01MONOBLOC, TABLE, WHITEunit1,323.92729
9147121804-MP-B01MOPBUCKETunit1,911.0005For Inspection
9347131619-MP-R01MOPHEAD, made of rayon, weight: 400 grams minpiece106.086449764
9443211708-MO-O01MOUSE, OPTICAL, USB CONNECTION TYPE, 1 unit in individual boxunit127.800
9545111609-MM-P01MULTIMEDIA PROJECTOR, 4000 min ANSI Lumensunit106.0800Under Bidding
9614111514-NB-S01NOTEBOOK, STENOGRAPHER, spiral, 40 leavespiece12.0400For Bidding
9714111514-NP-S02NOTEPAD, STICK-ON, 2X3, 100 sheets per padpad31.200Under bidding
9814111514-NP-S03NOTEPAD, STICK-ON, 3X3, 100 sheets per padpad42.6200Under bidding
9914111514-NP-S04NOTEPAD, STICK-ON, 3X4, 100 sheets per padpad57.200Under bidding
10014111531-PP-R01PAD PAPER, RULEDpad17.3518251504
10144122104-PC-G01PAPER CLIP, 33MM, 100 pieces per box or 52 grams (min.) (net of box)box6.6400
10244122104-PC-J02PAPER CLIP, 50MM, 100 pieces per box or 120 grams (min.) (net of box)box13.5031
10344101603-PS-M01PAPER SHREDDERunit5,699.2000For Second Presentation to Tech Specs Committee
10444101601-PT-M01PAPER TRIMMER CUTTING MACHINEunit8,088.0800Available on or before September 29, 2017
10514111507-PP-M01PAPER, MULTICOPY, 80gsm, size: 210mm x 297mm (A4)ream132.37279880
10614111507-PP-M02PAPER, MULTICOPY, 80gsm, size: 216mm x 330mm (Legal)ream154.7531782344
10714111507-PP-C01PAPER, MULTI-PURPOSE, 70 gsm., size: 210mm x 297mm (A4)ream114.5121263911
10814111507-PP-C02PAPER, MULTI-PURPOSE, 70 gsm., size: 216mm x 330mm (Legal)ream118.3531118566
10914111503-PA-P01PAPER, PARCHMENT, 100 sheets per boxbox114.51339153
11014111818-TH-P02PAPER, THERMAL, 216MM X 30Mroll32.973255478
11144121619-PS-M01PENCIL SHARPENER, 1 piece in individual plastic casepiece187.200For Presentation to Tech Specs Committee
11244121706-PE-L01PENCIL, LEAD WITH ERASER, 12 dozens per boxbox19.6210
11355121905-PH-F01PHILIPPINE NATIONAL FLAGpiece306.81910
11443212102-PR-D02PRINTER, IMPACT DOT MATRIX, 24 pins, 136 columnunit18,709.6000For bidding
11543212102-PR-D01PRINTER, IMPACT DOT MATRIX, 9 pins, 80 columnsunit5,831.5200For bidding
11643212105-PR-L01PRINTER, LASER, MONOCHROMEunit715.5200For Repeat Order
11744101602-PU-P01PUNCHER, paper, heavy duty, with two hole guide, 1 piece in individual boxpiece114.2864800
11847131501-RG-C01RAGS, ALL COTTON, 32 pieces per kilo per bundlebundle49.6900For Bidding
11914111531-RE-B01RECORD BOOK, 300 PAGES, size: 214mm x 278mm minbook60.3284400
12014111531-RE-B02RECORD BOOK, 500 PAGES, size: 214mm x 278mm minbook93.666530
12144122037-RB-P09RING BINDER, PLASTIC, 32MM, 10 pieces per bundlebundle256.8700
12244122101-RU-B01RUBBER BAND, 70mm min lay flat length (#18)box93.3110493430
12341111604-RU-P02RULER, PLASTIC, 450MM, 1 piece in individual plasticpiece15.480750Under Bidding
12444121618-SS-S01SCISSORS, symmetrical, blade length: 65mm, 1 piece in individual plasticpair13.73206650
12547131602-SC-N01SCOURING PAD, 5 pieces per packpack102.9618150
12660121524-SP-G01SIGN PEN, BLACK, liquid/gel ink, 0.5mm needle tippiece34.611728240
12760121524-SP-G02SIGN PEN, BLUE, liquid/gel ink, 0.5mm needle tippiece34.612180300
12860121524-SP-G03SIGN PEN, RED, liquid/gel ink, 0.5mm needle tippiece34.611714898
12912171703-SI-P01STAMP PAD INK, purple or violet, 50ml (min.)bottle24.6314400
13044121905-SP-F01STAMP PAD, FELT, bed dimension: 60mm x 100mmpiece27.667929532For inspection
13144121613-SR-P01STAPLE REMOVER, PLIER TYPEpiece21.8400Under Bidding
13231151804-SW-H01STAPLE WIRE, HEAVY DUTY, 23/13box20.6800Available on or before September 29, 2017
13331151804-SW-S01STAPLE WIRE, STANDARDbox21.8400For Issuance of P.O.
13444121615-ST-B01STAPLER, BINDER TYPEunit878.800For Bidding
13544121615-ST-S01STAPLER, STANDARD TYPE, load cap: 200 staples min, 1 piece in individual boxpiece82.160425For Delivery
13644121605-TD-T01TAPE DISPENSER, TABLE TOPpiece49.5901Available on or before September 29, 2017
13731201502-TA-E01TAPE, ELECTRICALroll18.234050
13831201503-TA-M01TAPE, MASKING, width: 24mm (±1mm)roll55.1200
13931201503-TA-M02TAPE, MASKING, width: 48mm (±1mm)roll105.04183570
14031201517-TA-P01TAPE, PACKAGING, width: 48mm (±1mm)roll27.96307921669
14131201512-TA-T01TAPE, TRANSPARENT, width: 24mm (±1mm)roll10.92232190
14231201512-TA-T02TAPE, TRANSPARENT, width: 48mm (±1mm)roll26.52466430
14314111704-TT-P01TOILET TISSUE PAPER 2-plys sheets, 150 pulls, 12 rolls in a packpack67.600Under Bidding
14447121701-TB-P02TRASHBAG, plastic, gusseted type, transparent, 10 pcs per roll/packroll139.8800For preparation of Purchase Order
14531151507-TW-P01TWINE, PLASTICroll49.9200Under bidding
14647121702-WB-P01WASTEBASKET, NON RIGID PLASTICpiece24.9600Available on or before September 29, 2017
14760121124-WR-P01WRAPPING PAPER, 50 sheets per packpack128.8400For bidding
14843211507-DCT-02MITHI DESKTOP COMPUTER, HP 280 G2 Microtowerunit34,507.20--per order basis
149‎43211503-LCT-02MITHI 2 Laptop Computerunit35,916.40--per order basis
Total Number of Out of Stock Items:73As of 10/19/2017