Agency Procurement Request (APR) for MITHI Laptop Computer (Acer Travelmate P259-MG)

For units/offices with supplemental funds under Revolving Fund, Trust Fund, and General Fund with Approved Equipment Outlay, you may opt to procure your laptop computers (if included in your Supplemental PPMP) from the Procurement Service of the Department of Budget and Management (PS-DBM). The current model of the laptop computer is Acer Travelmate P259-MG. Kindly download the Agency Procurement Request (APR) and the photographic image file to view the technical specifications of the laptop computer.

If interested, follow these procedures:

1) Accomplish the APR (Kindly fill-in the required information to replace the entries made for SPMO).

2) Have the APR signed by the signatories of your unit/office.

3) Forward the APR to the Accounting Office (for Trust Fund) and/or to the Budget Management Office (for Revolving Fund and for General Fund with Approved Equipment Outlay) for processing.

Note: Documentary attachments to the APR are the following: The Budget Utilization Request and Status (for Revolving Fund) or the Obligation Request and Status (for General Fund with Approved Equipment Outlay); the Disbursement Voucher (DV) with Procurement Service as the Payee for all these documents; the Supplemental Project Procurement Management Plan (Supplemental PPMP); and the Supplemental Annual Procurement Plan (Supplemental APP).

4) Once the DV is processed by the Accounting Office, forward the documents to the Cashier’s Office for processing.

5) Once processed, get the documents and the validated proof of payment thru LDDAP-ADA (which came from the Land Bank of the Philippines-UP Los Baños Branch) from the Cashier’s Office and have each document photocopied (2 copies).

6) Forward to the Supply and Property Management Office (SPMO) the whole document including the reproduced copies.

7) Coordinate with the concerned SPMO staff with regards to the scheduling of trips to PS-DBM for the processing of the documents and for the pick-up of the computers.