Memorandum No. 41 s. 2021: Inventory of Office Equipment, Furniture and Fixtures, and other Property Plant and Equipment (PPE), updating of Property Acknowledgement Receipt (PAR)

All units are strictly enjoined to update the preparation and submission of Report on Physical Count of Property, Plant and Equipment  to the Supply & Property Management Office (SPMO) until 07 January 2022, of all serviceable and unserviceable equipment/furniture/furnishings as of 31 December 2021


Please read the attached memo for the details.


The template for Inventory Count Form, PAR, RS, and WMR can be downloaded thru this link: PPE Inventory Count Form 

or scan the QR code below: 


To all end-users who are about to amend their Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP), kindly follow the guide below before encoding relevant information in the PPMP using the University Information System (UIS):

1. Using the Request for Quotation (RFQ), specifications of the items to be requested (Non-catalog items) must first pass through the Technical Working Group for that specific PhilGEPS category. Items must be clearly specified as in the case of requests encoded as a category in the iProcurement PPMP Requester of the UIS (ex. Construction Materials and Supplies – the items under this category must be clearly specified).

2. End-users must secure a canvass of prices from reputable suppliers or conduct a market survey to ensure that unit prices of the items being requested are updated. The canvass of prices or the market survey conducted must be attached to the PPMP.

Note: With regards to the document attachments related to the submission of Purchase Requests (PRs), please refer to earlier post on this website, Announcement: Reminders for the Submission of Purchase Requests, dated 11 January 2018. (click on the title to view the post)

3. Once all these are secured, amending of the PPMP shall proceed using the guide found in earlier post on this website, Amendment of PPMP (with previous approval), dated 27 February 2018. (click on the title to view the post)


Deadline of submission of Amended PPMP (to the Budget Management Office through the UIS) is on 18 April 2018. Kindly amend/update the PPMP early to give ample time for correction in case of rejection.


To all end-users who are inquiring about the Amended Annual Procurement Plan (Amended APP) and about the deadline of submission of the Second Quarter Purchase Requests (2nd Qtr. PRs), kindly wait for further notice and instructions.

For the meantime, end-users are advised to conduct a market survey (canvass) to support the Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) and the availability of the specifications in the local market as basis in the Amended PPMP.