Property Acknowledgment Receipt (MITHI Desktop PC from PS-DBM)

To all end-users who acquired desktop computers from the Procurement Service of the Department of Budget and Management (PS-DBM):

The Property Acknowledgment Receipt (PAR) must be prepared (with correct Serial Numbers for both the computer and the monitor/display screen; with correct Delivery Receipt Number and correct date), processed (signed by the Issuer and the Receiver with correct date of signing; signed by the Unit Head in the Concurrence field) and later on be submitted (submit 4 copies with the attached Delivery Receipt from PS-DBM) to the Property Management Section (PMS) of the Supply and Property Management Office (SPMO).

You may download the PAR (in A4 Paper Size and in Long Paper Size) and the Delivery Receipts of the MITHI Desktop PC which are found below this posted message.

Thank you.